VIP Chef Services

  • Daily Rates:1-6 person $750.00. 7-15 person $900.00. 16-25 person + $600.00 for additional chef
  • Breakfast only: 1-6 person $225.00. 7-15 person $ $325.00
  • Lunch Only: 1-6 person $325.00. 7-15 person $ 400.00
  • Dinner only: 1-6 person $400.00. 7-15 person $ $700.00
  • Weekly Chef rate Full service include Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner $6000.00 If Party is over 15 pax, an additional chef is required, at $600.00 per day

The Chef

Chef Miller has platted exceptional dishes for the world’s finest restaurants and resorts, from his native country Jamaica, with infused French, Italian, Mexican $ Kosha cuisine & dishes.This resume has given him his wide creative knowledge and dynamic palette for curating his seasonal inspired master pieces. Although the climate, customer & culture he encounter has make him unique & difference in his culinary aspiration.

With his beloved  Caribbean ,French ,Italian ,Asian & Kosha ,Chef Miller has truly letting the fresh ,local ingredients with his culinary sculpture has pave the magnificent  way for his sounding  creation. With Chef Miller beloved to the Caribbean .French, I tailing, Asian & Kosha he brings a blend a fresh love to Turks & Caicos Island as your  personal Chef Service. He maintains the same sharp focus on quality, product& sources ingredients that have shaped his success. Turks & Caicos Island is the ideal island to showcase his bespoken style with all organic meat, vegan gluten-free, dairy free & Kosha selection. Chef Miller looks forward to introduce travelers & local alike to get out of their closet or box with his hearty delicious dishes & cuisine.